Saturday, December 30, 2006

Bluett Bros.of Penn. a Mandolin to Savor!

We have an Unbelievable Mandolin From Mark Bluett.
If you are interested please dont hesitate on coming to see this for yourselves..
It is so wonderful to be able to purchase an instrument like this without the waiting and wondering!
Mark Bluett made his first violin in 1982. He had a dream of becoming a luthier. Twenty one years later Mark's dream has become reality. Bluett Bros. Violins was established in 1984 and through the years, Bluett stringed instruments have gained recognition for their quality of sound and aesthetic beauty.Bluett instruments are created from the finest of woods; spruce, curly maple & mahogany that must be air dried a minimum of twenty years. Over time, Mark has honed his ability to "read" the wood. He has a keen understanding of the density and stability of different woods and knows how to identify varying directions of its grains. Continuous tone tapping of the wood during the the carving process is done to perfect the tone and evenness throughout the instrument and ensure clarity of sound. The final hand rubbed finish gives Bluett instruments that vintage quality appearance. The two key elements for a great instrument are an experienced luthier and quality wood.Each of Mark's instruments is created individually to meet the customer's needs and desires. At Bluett Bros. Violins, luthery is a passionate pursuit of perfection. Our goal is to provide our customers with the instrument of their dreams to enjoy for a lifetime.


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