Saturday, December 30, 2006

Genn Mandolins a Big sound for a Great Price!

Pictured to the right: Glenn Mandolin Student Model Luthier: Allen Jones of Missouri

Mr. Allen calls these his STUDENT MODEL
but they are certainly geared for the Serious Musician.
We were stunned when we unpacked this instrument and gave it a run. Its playability and sound are right up there with the Heavy hitters!
It allows for most of us to step into the world of Handbuilts at a price you would pay for a Pacific rim plywood instrument!
The Luthier speaks:If you've been looking for a great sounding, nice playing mandolin that won't break your bank account, you've finally found the right one!I've been a musician and luthier my whole life, and I build my mandolins for the musicians discriminating ear. Playability is always of major concern, and I strive to build fine playing instruments.I strive to build quality instruments at an affordable price. My mandolins are handcrafted from the finest tonewoods supplied by "Old Standard Wood" Fulton Mo.The tops and backs are accurately carved, graduated, and tap tuned, to D and D#In short, these are exceptionally good sounding mandolins with a deep woody bass tone and powerful clear highs

This is the student model mandolin #79 with black face and reddish brown back. I can do other colors such as "pumpkin" top or sunburst. I also offer a long scale X-braced oval hole The student model is a no frills mandolin intended for the serious musician on a tight budget. I use the same Adirondack spruce top with F-holes and tone bars as on my higher priced mandolins.The top and back plates are graduated and tuned to the same specs also.. The student model has straight grained hard maple back, neck and sides.
List Price: 850.00


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